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Technical Sessions

22 Technical Sessions Over 2 Days!

Guest Speakers

Stephen Shields
Present and Future of the Carrot Industry
Influences of the Consumer
Bejo, Netherlands
Danielle Bruin
Marketing & Consumption - what is being used in different countries
Primeale, France
Audrey Beyer
Worldwide Carrot Production
Bejo, Netherlands
Robert Schilder
European retailing/growers pricing "how it works in Europe"
Dubi Raz
Methods - Israel
G's Growers
Julius Joel
Methods - G's Celery
Greenyard Frozen, Belgium
Jasmine Collins & Elizabeth Ward
Apiaceae in the Processing Industry
Dr Adrian Fox
Virus Control
Koppert Biological Systems
Mr Richard Binks
Integrated Pest Management
Mr Max Newbert
Plant Protection Products for the Future (EAMUs)
Bejo, Netherlands
Floris Martens
Breeding goals, targets and how to meet them, cavity spot resistance
Elsoms Seeds
Richard Tudor
Parsnip Breeding
Midlands Company, New Zealand
Mrs Jo Townsend
Seed Journey - The challenges of seed production for now and the future
Incotec, Netherlands
Ronald Siffels / Rob Pronk
Seed Technology
Ceres Horti Advice, Netherlands
Christoffell den Herder
Organic Production
Naturim, Netherlands
Sander Bernaerts
Soil Health
PH Petersens
Michaela Schlathoelter
Cover Crops
Islam Abdel-Azis
Net Zero Carrots
Precision Farming
Tom Beach
Vertically Urban
Dr Phoebe Sutton
Vertical Farming
Jones Farming Company
James Lloyd-Jones
Jones Farming Company

Scientific Sessions

As well as these fantastic technical sessions, we also have a number of exciting scientific sessions on offer at the III International Symposium on Carrot and Other Apiaceae. Click the link below to see our guest speakers!

See Our Guest Scientific Speakers!

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